The guest experts and I cover the gamut inside The Digital Marketing Hub. We believe that creating a truly successful marketing strategy isn’t one quick hit, or whole bunch of theories. Rather, it’s a collection of actionable strategies and techniques that are customized to fit your business, your schedule, and what you’ve found works for you.

>> Each month, new content is added to the membership site based on that’s month theme, so you can realistically tackle one strategy at a time.

>> Too busy, or didn’t have a chance to check out the new trainings? We’ve got you covered. At the end of each month, those Masterclasses and Expert Trainings are added to the archive, so you can go back and refresh, rewatch, or watch for the first time (#nojudgement), whenever you’re ready.



  • Strategic Marketing- learn how to analyze and determine what is really working for you.

  • Keyword Research - writing long tail keywords and location keywords.

  • SEO 101 - optimizing your front and back end for SEO (no tech experience required).

  • Creating The Perfect Copy - copy writing best practices whether you are writing blogs, website content, sales emails or landing pages.

  • Free Online Resources - because not everything good has to cost $$.

  • Advertising - get the most for your money when you are ready to spend a little.

  • Video - produced or live, get your video game on point.

…and so much more !