Alyssa Burgoyne - Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

When someone talks to us about promoting ourselves on social media, our initial thoughts tend to go right to Facebook or Instagram.

But, if you can imagine it, there is a life outside of Facebook! There are other social sites out there that can actually drive traffic, generate leads and make you money.

In this training we brought in LinkedIn Lead Gen Expert Alyssa Burgoyne, to talk with us through (and I’m talking step-by-step through) how we can use the platform to create a lead generation strategy that will keep that pipeline full and the traffic coming in.


About Alyssa Burgoyne

Alyssa Burgoyne is an Online Business Mentor for entrepreneurs and business owners who are ready to scale their business. Alyssa is passionate about the power of organization, and developing strategic systems and processes in your business to improve productivity. She strongly believes in the power of networking to harbor business growth and has vast experience working with business owners in a wide range of industries. 

When she’s not working, Alyssa can be found spending time with her family, reading, and enjoying the outdoors.