Jasmine Monk - Productivity, Time Management + Outsourcing

How many times have we heard the saying - “Time is money”. It’s a well worn phase, so why do we as business owners not treat our time like it is as valuable as we say it is?

Productivity is something we all struggle with, especially with the 1000 tasks a day on our list. More often than not we end the day with a whole bunch still not checked off, despite the fact that we feel like we’ve been running around like a headless chicken all day.

Well April is all about increasing our productivity and managing our time better, so who better than MBA and professional business manager Jasmine to give us the inside scoop on how to do this.

Not only is she giving us some of her favorite tips and tools to help us manage the chaos better, but she’s also answering ALL the FAQ’s about outsourcing, hiring VA’s, and managing that entire process to help take some of those tasks off your plate.