Diana Mundkowsky - Creating a Solid Visual Brand

Whether you are a brand new business in need of a logo, or an established one in need of a refresh, this training is for you.

Creating a consistent, and professional, visual brand is super important for your business to create trust and stable impression to your potential customers and clients. In this training, Diana is breaking down all the important parts of a logo, how to utilize color for your branding and target, and how to use your visual brand to convert your target customer.

In addition to that, she’s giving you some amazing inside tips on rebranding (if you find out that’s right for you), and creating a scalable brand image that will grow with you and your business.


Diana Mundkowsky

In 2010, Diana started a certification program for Art and Design for Business and completed the NOCTI certification with Erie County Technical School in Erie, Pennsylvania in 2013. She kept her inspiration alive by continuous research and freelance practice in the field. In 2018, Simply Bee Design was officially founded and launched, serving 60+ brands in under 6 months. Diana is wildly passionate about branding and color psychology. Her business mission is to empower entrepreneurs who struggle with their visual branding and elevate their business to its fullest potential utilizing innovative and purposeful designs that connect with their audience. Her personal mission is to create a life for her husband, children, and dogs that is fulfilled by love and gratitude, to always carry herself gracefully, but remain fearlessly authentic to who she is and what she loves, and to leave a behind a life that was filled with laughter, love, positivity, and was always, unapologetically, lived at the fullest.

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