December 2018 Masterclass: Planning for 2019

It’s the final month of 2018 and it’s officially that time of year that we spend planning and looking forward. We reflect on the year that past, take inventory of our successes and failures, and put together a strategy to be better in the new year (btw - we have an AMAZING Guest Expert training this month on goal setting and time management so don’t forget to check it out!)

One of the things I see on the top of my client’s New Year’s Resolution List year after year, is to be more consistent with their content marketing strategy. This can mean posting more often on social media, committing to a once a week blog post, or even just setting aside enough time to work on a content strategy in general.

Well that’s what this month’s class is all about. Putting together a strategy and actually setting aside time to work on creating and disseminating content to grow your business online.

Oh, and as a special added bonus this month I’m bringing you a COMPLETE 2019 Calendar, complete with special holidays and blog ideas to inspire and entire year’s work of the content. Click here to download!

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