Danielle Ralston - Goal Setting and Time Management

Whether you feel like you’re crushing it, or have for improvement, everyone can use a little mindset work. That’s where our guest expert, Danielle Ralston comes in. She’s a business and mindset coach, and she’s helping us plan (trust me, you’ll hear that word a lot in this training!) and put together systems in place for more successful business growth.

When things get a little crazy, we’ve got the advice you need to slow down, refocus, and reimagine what your year will look like. She’s got some amazing tips to getting into the goal crushing mindset, and the tools you can put in place to get it done.

Speaking of tools - she’s even gifted us an insanely useful (and super cute!) project planning sheet to help you stay more focused and on task - so you can be more efficient at taking your ideas and turning them into money making opportunities. Click here to download it!


About Danielle Ralston

I have been a Business Strategist for over 20 years working in the IT world.  I brought my Business, Mindset, Marketing and Time Management Strategy Skills to the rest of the world in February of 2017 and am so excited to have a the talented team of women that collaborate with me here at Be Boss Girl.  We provide female business owners a true one-stop-shop for everything they need to have a successful business.

Our tag line is Rise Strong. Become Limitless. Be Boss Girl and we truly take that to heart when we partner with our clients to help them Rise Strong. Become Limitless and Be the Boss Girl inside of them.

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