Dara Simons - Website Essentials

I am OBSESSED with our second guest expert this month, Dara Simons. She put together one of the most perfect trainings on how to get the perfect website, whether you are at the very beginning, or if you've had a website for a while. She's spilling all her secrets on what to include (and what you may be missing), no matter what stage your at in business, and how to increase your sales and build a strong business through your website. So check it out and start tweaking!

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About Dara Simons

Dara is a mompreneur with a passion for seeing moms confidentially launch successful businesses so they can live the life of their dreams. She designs websites for work at home moms through her web design company, Dara Simons Creative. She also blogs about mompreneur tips while drinking way too much coffee and dreaming of the day her kids sleep through the night.

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