Autumn Darbrow - Write Sales Pages Like A Copywriter

In this training our expert is making you an expert! We've brought you an ultra long, ultra informative master class expert training from Autumn Darbrow - Copywriter and sales page whisperer. Let's be honest, unless you're a copywriter yourself, writing sales pages (or sales emails, or long social posts for that matter) is like ice picks in the eyeballs. It's so hard to come up with something that speaks directly to your audience, in your voice, and in an authentic way. That's why we brought in Autumn this month. She's helping us think like a copy writer - and layout (and write) our sales pages in a way that stays true to ourselves, impacts the reader, and converts into MORE SALES!

Oh, and she also included a copy of her slides and this super handy check list so you can make sure all your sales pages are up to par and doing what they are supposed to do. Ok, all together now... THANK YOU AUTUMN!

Download Slide PDFS | Download Sales Page Checklist


About Autumn Darbrow

Autumn Darbrow is a nerd of words. From conversion copywriting to technical writing to short fiction, she's done it all. She's mama to a rebel in the making, has 20+ tattoos, and is working on a collection of short psychological thrillers in her spare time (when she's not the household maid service). You can find bits of her life, cool pictures, and musings on how to make life/business smooth sailing on Facebook and Instagram.

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