Amy Lanci - Writing Killer Copy

Do you feel like you've been blogging, making sales pages and updating your website and are just not seeing the conversions? Well, don't worry, this month we've brought in copy writer Amy Lanci and she's helping us write killer copy that actually converts. She's going beyond just the basic strategies (although she's got those too), and is helping us all see the big picture - how we can tell the difference between good copy that is going to engage, and just "ok" copy that isn't doing much. Make sure you check out this month's guest expert for some amazing tips, and some great inspiration to get writing!

About Amy Lanci

As a young Asian American girl living in Southern California, I wanted to do right by everyone around me. For my parents, be the dutiful daughter who did well in school and followed all the rules. For my friends, be the most dependable and reliable person around. For my mentors and colleagues, be the goody two-shoes they expected me to be. But living for everyone else didn't make me happy. In fact, it only made me feel trapped, lost and confused. The real kicker was when my grandfather, who was my hero, succumbed to Alzheimer's. Not only did I lose the one person who accepted me EXACTLY as I was, but I was literally forgotten. Within the darkness, I found a shining light in the people who held me up and the words I wrote to myself when I couldn't get out of my head. Those words evolved into journaling, then to fictional stories, then to journalism, leaping over to scientific writing and then to website copy. Writing not only allowed me to come out of my shell but it preserved the core of who I was, saving me from a life of resentment and bitterness. Now as the owner and copywriter of Untold Story Copywriting, I'm on a personal mission to fight the "fake it 'till you make it" culture by lending my copywriting services to business owners who have a message to send and a legacy to build.