Kathryn Binkley - Strategic Marketing

All great marketing needs a strategy. That's where we send in Kathryn Binkley of Alyght. As a business strategist and coach she knows all about how to streamline your marketing strategy to evaluate #allthethings to decide what to trash, what to double down on, and what is going to be the most effective in building your business online.


About Kathryn Binkley

Kathryn Binkley is business strategist & coach who founded her dream business, Alyght, in 2014 to help female entrepreneurs do the same - build a profitable business that lights them up. She leverages more than a decade of  strategic marketing experience consulting for hundreds of companies and helping them to develop and implement strategic marketing plans. She combines mindset + strategy + accountability to help her clients attract + book dream clients and start living the life they desire.