Lucy Cantley - 5 Steps to Creating a Complete Course

Have you always wanted to put a passive revenue stream in place? Have you been watching all these online personalities pumping out course after course, and felt that little twinge of jealousy? Or, have you put together a few different courses and still haven’t figured out how to actually make money one it?

If any of the above are true (or even if you’re just starting to explore the world of online courses), then today we have something super sweet for you. Lucy Cantley the newest Guest Expert inside The Hub and she’s bringing you her top, most actionable tips to take your course from sapling idea to launch.

It’s a goodie (I’ve only watched it about 3 times myself…) and don’t forget to join Lucy and I during the live Q&A session this month to pick her brain on any lingering questions you may have about passive revenue streams!


About Lucy Cantley

Lucy is a unique hybrid of a strategist & project manager. Her purpose and passion is to help other badass lady entrepreneurs add scalable revenue to their business model. From idea to launch, she strategizes with, and manages the process for, adding courses, programs and memberships to her client’s revenue-generating activities. Lucy loves nurturing and lifting up women who are getting ready to scale their business. As someone who struggled to find balance in corporate (especially as a military spouse and (then) with a terminal parent in a different country!), it’s so important for Lucy to help other women embrace the flexibility of entrepreneurship, create a life they love, while not trading hours-for-money.

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