Samantha Siffring - The Importance of Free Content

You’ve probably heard me (an everyone else) tell you that you should be creating valuable content. Putting together blog posts, downloadables and PDF’s is going to help you connect with your ideal content and make more sales and grow your business. Cool right?

Well it’s probably left you asking yourself, why? Why does it help you connect, and why does it bring you more sales? We sometimes find ourselves asking the same question, so we brought in Samantha Siffring, a business mindset and marketing coach, to help us understand a little. In this training she’s helping us shift our mindsets from '‘Ugh, I don’t feel like doing this!” to “What amazing value I can share and I can’t wait!”. Ok… maybe that last part is a little bit of a reach, but I promise, you’ll be much closer to thinking this way after watching this training.

Oh, and as an added bonus, she’s got some amazing ideas to get that valuable content flowing, and to help you ensure the people you wrote that content for actually get a chance to see it.

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About Samantha Siffring

Samantha is a business coach and the host of the Badass Mother Podcast. She started as a coach after struggling to find her identity after becoming a mother and now is very passionate about helping other moms build businesses from home and balance entrepreneurship with motherhood. She is a mom of 3, an over-volunteer-er, and a travel lover – she and her husband met while studying abroad in college and are always taking their kids on epic adventures.

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