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6 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Now that we know that email marketing is ESSENTIAL to your marketing plan (and if you don’t, go back and read my previous post!). Now comes the dilemma that a lot of business owner’s face. How do I grow my email list so I have people to market to?

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Is Email Marketing Still Worth It?

Ok, I’m not even going to beat around the bush here and I’ll just answer this question straight out - yes it is.

Now, I may have lost some of you already who are totally fine with that answer and don’t need any more proof. If that’s you, thanks for reading this far and keep rocking your email marketing campaigns.

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Welcome to the Brand New Hub!

It's finally here! After all the buildup, sneak peaks and hints, the brand new Digital Marketing Hub (now known as The Hub) is LIVE! 🎉🙌

After taking in your feedback, I pulled apart the old membership site, piece by piece, and redesigned it from the ground up to make it even easier and more beneficial for you guys, the members!

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