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What Social Sites Are You Using to Promote Your Business?

Chances are when I ask you that question, your initial thoughts go right to Facebook or Instagram, right? It’s only natural as for most of us, those were our own introductions to social media, and where most of the trainings and attention get focused on.

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Selling Without Being "Salesy"

July is coming to a close and while I don’t want to wish away summer, I am so freaking excited for our August theme. This month we’re taking a little departure from our classic marketing advice (don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere) and are diving into something a little more… let’s just say… boundary pushing.

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When it Feels Like No One is Listening

Last week we dove into the “why” behind email marketing with some pretty cool information on how it’s absolutely still an effective strategy for promoting your business.

And while the stats are all well and good, it can sometimes feel like it’s working for everyone else but you.

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Is Email Marketing Still Worth It?

Ok, I’m not even going to beat around the bush here and I’ll just answer this question straight out - yes it is.

Now, I may have lost some of you already who are totally fine with that answer and don’t need any more proof. If that’s you, thanks for reading this far and keep rocking your email marketing campaigns.

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