Welcome to the Brand New Hub!


It's finally here! After all the buildup, sneak peaks and hints, the brand new Digital Marketing Hub (now known as The Hub) is LIVE! 🎉🙌

After taking in your feedback, I pulled apart the old membership site, piece by piece, and redesigned it from the ground up to make it even easier and more beneficial for you guys, the members! Here's what we did:

  • Created a brand new "Dashboard" for easy access to the newest information and trainings, as well as quick links and dates to join the LIVE Q&A's.

  • Reorganized the "Archive" to be easily searchable by date or topic. All former Masterclasses and Guest Expert Trainings can now be found in one place, where you can quickly and easily access whatever training is calling your name.

  • Launched brand new "Resources" and "News" sections, filled with some of my favorite technology and tips when you just need that quick update.

Pretty cool, huh? 😃

But here's the deal, some of the best stuff from the membership program isn't going anywhere. Like:

  • Monthly Masterclasses from yours truly, on a variety of marketing related topics, all presented in digestible chunks so you can tackle them in between your already busy schedule.

  • Guest Experts who are the best in the biz, sharing their insider tips and tricks that are normally reserved for their top paying clients.

  • Monthly LIVE Q&A's with both me and our guest experts, so you can ask your questions, clarify any confusion, and dive deeper into that month's topics.

And all of this is LIVE, right now, inside The Hub!

And because it wouldn't be a celebration without presents, I've got a little something for you, . 🎉🎁

From now until Sunday, June 30th, I'm giving you access to the Hub for $20 OFF per month!

That's right, full access to everything above, for only $39 per month, for the entire lifetime of your membership.

Oh, and just in case you're not sure its for you, you can try it out for only $1. Although, let's be real, once you see everything inside I'm going to bet you'll be hanging around for a while. 😉

So click here to get access to this crazy deal. But be fast, it's expiring soon!


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