Scheduling Pins: Tailwind 101

how to use Tailwind for Pinterest

When it comes to seeing success on Pinterest, it’s all about getting out a large amount of pins when they will be the most impactful. It’s about getting in front of your ideal audience, and creating amazing content that will draw people in.

But here’s the deal, creating upwards of 20 or 30 pins a day can be MASSIVELY time consuming. And trying to be on Pinterest during the most optimal times for your business can be really inconvenient. So the question becomes, how can you rock it on Pinterest in the most effective, and time efficient way possible?

The answer to that, my friends, is Tailwind. Tailwind is the #1 Pinterest Scheduling (and Instagram too!) tool, and the only scheduler recognized by Pinterest. This means that even using a scheduler, your organic reach wont take a nosedive (which can sometimes happen on other social platforms).

Tailwind not only helps you maximize the amount of pins you can get out in a day (in the least amount of time possible), but it has some amazing features to help you make the most out of Pinterest. Let’s break them down:

  1. Bulk edits - Save time by bulk uploading images, editing pins, and pinning to multiple boards. Quickly create a large amount of pins with minimal effort.

  2. Smart looping - Utilize your evergreen content more effiencetly by putting your most popular pins in a smart loop. They will automatically be republished to the right boards, at the right intervals, all within Pinterest guidelines.

  3. Utilize Tribes to grow - One of Tailwind’s newest features, Tribes, allows people with similar content to share amongst each other. Find amazing, relevant content to repin to your own boards, and get your pins out in front brand new fans. Create relationships with other Pinners, and grow your network.

  4. Get the best analytics - Track your top performing pins, monitor comments, and see what is driving the most traffic. These analytics can help you create more strategic content moving forward.

So, if you want to grow on Pinterest (and trust me you do… just check out some of my previous blogs) then you need to sign up for Tailwind. At under $15 per month it’s one of my top tools to help you convert better on the platform. Happy Pinning!


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