Advertising on Pinterest: A How-To

a step-by-step guide to advertising on Pinterest.

When it comes to driving traffic, Pinterest has proven to be an ideal source. It’s first and foremost a search engine, meaning the people that are stumbling across your brand are already interested in your product or service (check 1 for that!).

Pinner’s are using Pinterest to specifically find new products and services. Unlike Facebook or Instagram where the users main intention is to connect with friends or watch cute videos, Pinterest is made for businesses and brands. People on the platform are actively looking for ideas, new products, or solutions to a problem.

So, why advertise on Pinterest? Besides the above, Pinterest has the ability to target people earlier in their buying cycle then the other social media sites (in fact 98% of Pinners have said they have tried new things they found on Pinterest). In addition, they tend to spend on average 29% more. In fact, advertisers on Pinterest tend to average $2 in profit for every $1 they spend. If that’s not enough to convince you right there, I don’t know what will!

So how can you get on board with that kind of ROI? Below I’m breaking down the basic steps to get your started.

  1. Make sure you have a business account - Before you can even get access to the paid ads feature, you have to have a business account. Either convert your personal to a business account or start from scratch. Learn more about Pinterest for business.

  2. Claim your website - Claiming your website in Pinterest give you access to website analytics and shows Pinners your website has been verified and is legit. It will help establish trust between you and Pinners. Click here for instructions on how to claim your website.

  3. Install the Pinterest advertising tag - Just like the Facebook pixel, the Pinterest tag helps you track conversions and build targeted audiences based on traffic. Click here to learn how to install it.

  4. Pick a clear objective - Once you’ve gotten the basics set up, it’s time to start your campaign. Begin by picking an objective, which can range from:

    1. Getting traffic to your website - pay-per-click

    2. Building brand awareness - pay per 1000 impressions

    3. Increase app installs - optimized for clicks

    4. Get video views - pay per 100s impressions

  5. Choose your budget -Set your daily and lifetime spends to make sure you’re spending within your limit.

  6. Define your target - In Pinterest you can drill down by gender, age, location and language. More detailed targeting (like interests) come later.

  7. Pick your placement - You can then decide between 2 places for your ad to show up (or both!). Either “Browse” (Meaning your ad gets shown to people who may have pinned related things) or “Search” (Meaning you can show up in pinpointed searches). I always recommend sticking with both.

  8. Drill down your targeting - Here is your chance to really dive deeper and pick out interests and keywords that relate to your ad and your business. Use at least 25 keywords, and check out some of their suggestions to find out some common searches that may work for you.

  9. Finalize details - Now is your chance to edit your budget, tailor your delivery and set your bids. Because ads are based on CPM, you can set your maximum spend to make sure you’re getting the most impressions within your budget. You can also set your start and end date here as well.

  10. Pick your promoted pin - Once your campaign is set, you can either choose from pins you’ve already pinned or create new ones. Make sure you assign a URL to your pin (so it links back to the right place), have eye catching graphics, and they have descriptions that will get people to want to click through. See my previous post on designing the perfect pin for tips.

From there make sure you monitor your results and adjust the campaign to optimize the pins that are working for you (and turn off the ones that aren’t).

Want some more tips on how to utilize Pinterest to drive more traffic? Check out our Pinterest Masterclass inside the Hub for information on keyword research, optimizing your profile, and putting together the perfect pin.


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