Designing the "Perfect" Pin - A Checklist


Pinterest is quickly rising in popularity for businesses, as its continuing to prove a valuable tool, with better reach and results than some other social outlets.

Operating more as a search engine, Pinterest can get your brand in front of those most likely to buy or sign up, because they are actively looking for you! Keywords are the key to getting your pins to show up (more on that inside the Pinterest Masterclass inside The Hub!) but, when it comes to standing out on Pinterest (and trust me, you want to), your graphics are the way to that. They can pull your visual branding together, grab the viewers attention, and compel them to click.

So, how can we design the perfect pin without years of graphic design experience?

Well first, let’s talk tools. On of my favorite, and probably one of the most popular and easy to use design platforms is Canva. It makes this SUPER easy by giving you a ton of templates that you can swap to your own brand colors and plug in your own information.

From there, run through this quick checklist to ensure that your graphic is meeting best practices to make sure it’s getting the most traction on Pinterest:

  1. Pins should be vertical with a 2:3 ratio (600 x 900px minimum) - keep anything horizontal off the platform.

  2. Pins should have large, easy to read fonts. People are scanning and scrolling through feeds quickly (especially on mobile)

  3. Utilize quality photography. Consider downloading presets or buying in to a photography subscription to make sure your images are eye catching a professional looking.

  4. Consider colors carefully. Your pins should stand out in the scroll, while still accurately reflecting your brand image. Make sure the colors and fonts flow smoothly with your website or landing page so people know they’ve landed in the right place.

Want more on creating pins and using Pinterest for business? Check out our Pinterest Masterclass inside the Hub for information on keyword research, optimizing your profile, and putting together the perfect pin.


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