12 Affirmations for Selling Confidence

12 affirmations for selling confidence

Having confidence while selling is can be REALLY difficult. It can feel uncomfortable asking people for pay you for your products or services. It can feel awkward asking someone to sign on the dotted line.

In most cultures, talking about money is frowned upon or considered impolite. It’s something we grow up with, and a habit that’s hard to break when we enter our professional careers. It can make asking for a sale from a potential customer particularly difficult. We don’t want to come across as rude, or pushy, or just out for the money.

In addition, the fear of rejection can stop most of us dead in our tracks. What if we put ourselves out there, lay everything on the line, and the customer tells us “no”? That would feel awful! It would feel like our product/service is a failure - like we were a failure. (None of that is actually true by the way, but more on that later this month!)

But here’s the deal - I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, if you are a business owner or entrepreneur, then you are a sales person. It is up to you to be the ultimate champion of your brand, of your products/service, and of yourself. You have to be the one to ask people to buy from you, your business depends on it.

So, to kick off sales month (that’s the theme this August), I’ve decided to pull together some of my favorite affirmations and mantras to help boost your sales confidence. Now, I’m not a mindset coach, but I have dabbled my toes into the waters of affirmations and meditation. Throughout all my years in sales, I’ve always known that when I can walk into a meeting with a positive outlook and confidence, I consistently make a better impression and close more deals.

There’s more to come later this month on confidence in selling, and sales techniques to help you improve your close rate, but in the meantime let’s get you refocused and in the mindset to kick some serious sales booty.

Pick a few affirmations from the list below that to speak to you. Repeat these affirmations to yourself a few times before you start your day, or before you walk into your sales pitch. Better yet, click below to download our 12 Affirmations PDF so you can post these in your office for a daily confidence boosting reminder.

  • My business is a huge success

  • I believe in myself and trust in my ability to succeed in all that I do

  • Being successful is natural to me

  • Being confident in myself and my business is natural to me

  • My work makes a difference

  • I have all the tools I need to achieve my goals

  • I easily attract sales

  • I easily attract my ideal client

  • Every rejection brings me closer to my next sale

  • Every day in every way my revenues keep growing and growing

  • As I become more and more successful, I can help more and more people

  • I am thankful for the opportunities that come my way

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