What Social Sites Are You Using to Promote Your Business?

utilizing linkedin and pinterest to promote your business.

What social sites are you using to promote your business?

Chances are when I ask you that question, your initial thoughts go right to Facebook or Instagram, right? It’s only natural as for most of us, those were our own introductions to social media, and where most of the trainings and attention get focused on.

And don’t get me wrong, I love myself some Facebook/Instagram (and by love I mean the love/hate relationship most business owners have with the platforms). But here’s the deal - did you know life (and business) can be conducted outside of these platforms!?

I know - it’s pretty shocking news. But it’s TRUE! While those platforms are absolutely important (and we’ll be diving into them later this year) - there are other social sites out there that can be amazing resources for driving website traffic, getting you new leads, and making you sales. And that’s what we’re talking all about inside The Hub in September.

We’re kicking off with a Masterclass dedicated to using Pinterest for business.

Now, I prefer to classify Pinterest as a search engine over a social platform, but because it’s often lumped into the same category I decided to feature it here. Inside I’m talking about how to optimize your profile for search exposure, create the perfect pin to drive traffic, and use Pinterest to get your more sales (or opts into a freebie depending on your business). Whether you have a service business or a physical product, this is one you don’t want to miss out on because if you’re not on Pinterest already, you’re missing a MASSIVE revenue source for your business.

Our Guest Expert training is giving you the LinkedIn 101.

I then invited in Alyssa Burgoyne, a business operations mentor, manager and VA (yes… she’s basically like you’re right hand girl when it comes to running your business) to all things LinkedIn. Now, before you go ahead and dismiss the platform as not for you, let me entice you a little bit - Alyssa’s training is all about her proven system to using LinkedIn to bring you a steady stream of prequalified leads. Sounds amazing right?

Do you have a physical product? LinkedIn could still be a useful tool. You can use it to connect with potential distributors, stores, retail partners or complimentary brands. LinkedIn has much less noise than the other platforms out there -meaning this is your opportunity to cut through and really connect.

It’s all inside The Hub this month! Not a member yet? Click to join for $1 for the first 7 days. You’ll get instant access to the August content (Sales, sales, and more sales), our upcoming September content (launching September 3rd), as well as our amazing archive of previous content, all for that one dollar!


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