Stop talking so much…

Today, we’re addressing one of the absolute biggest issues I see with my clients when it comes to being confident and successful in sales. LISTENING.

That’s right, one of the easiest thing you can do to increase your conversions and sell more stuff is to just shut your mouth and not say anything at all. Ok, that was a little harsh. But it’s true! Most of the time, letting the other person take the lead can do all the work for you.

Let’s break it down a little, while is active listening super important when it comes to sales?

  1. It shows you’re not just in it for the sale. When you’re not listening and just coming with a pre-rehearsed pitch, your buyer can tell. It makes you seem like your only priority is to make money, and not to truly help them solve their problem. Nobody ever wants to buy from someone who is only in it for themselves. People want to buy from someone they trust and has their best interests in mind.

  2. It lets you tailor your pitch to your needs - Newsflash, listening to your prospect can actually help you craft your pitch in a more personalized way. You can present them with options and feedback that truly fit their situation, making what you have to offer a lot more valuable to them.

  3. It prevents miscommunications - Again, this one seems obvious but it’s something that can happen when you’re laser focused on closing the sale. Not truly listening to the client can make you miss tiny details. At the time they may seem small, but if it was important enough for them to bring it to your attention, it’s going to be a big deal later on. Make sure you’re taking in all the conditions and the sale, not just the “yes”.

 It maybe seem super simple, and in reality it is. Unfortunately, when the nerves kick in it can be one of the first things that goes to the wayside. We can struggle to fill the silence with anything, or we rush through a sales pitch because we don’t want to forget anything.

The next time you feel yourself doing that, remind yourself to shift your focus back to who you’re talking to. Ask them a question and then sit back and truly listen to their answer. Validate what they’re saying and respond to their concerns. You’ll notice a massive shift in how people react to you and what you have to sell them.

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12 Affirmations For Sales Confidence

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