When it Feels Like No One is Listening

continuing on with email marketing when you feel like no one is listening

Last week we dove into the “why” behind email marketing with some pretty cool information on how it’s absolutely still an effective strategy for promoting your business.

And while the stats are all well and good, it can sometimes feel like it’s working for everyone else but you.

You spend all this time putting together an amazing email filled with valuable content. You comb through products, take pictures, draft some golden nugget tips and tricks, and maybe even plan out a sale or coupon code to go with it.

You hit that send button and it seems like all you’re getting is crickets. 

Your open rate is low, and you’ve even noticed a few unsubscribes. 

It can very easily make you feel that sting of failure. That punch in the gut, cheek reddening feeling that makes you never want to do it again.

>> The first thing to realize is that, we’ve all been there. Hell, I’ve been there more times than I can count and marketing is my thing!

>> The second thing to think about is those people that unsubscribed. Who cares! If they don't want to hear the amazing things you have to say, they’re not your ideal customer anyways. Who needs them taking up space your list? Your email list isn’t about the numbers. It’s about only having the people on it who are your brand champions.

>> Third - Just because you didn’t see the click-thru’s you wanted, it doesn’t mean your email hasn’t had an impact. In my own business, I’ve run into people month’s later who have mentioned how an old email I sent out affected their business positively. Think about your own behavior - sometimes something sticks with you even if you don’t hit “reply” or double tap.

>> And finally, one of the best things about digital marketing is that you always have the opportunity to learn and improve. So this email didn’t do what you wanted it to? It’s all good! This isn’t your one and only chance to send an email. Digital marketing gives us one of the best things to help grow our businesses, analytics. We can take what they say and apply it for better emails in the future. You didn’t build your business overnight, and can’t expect your email marketing strategy to be perfect off the bat either.

Check back here next week because I’m bringing you tips on how to “do better” with your next email. We’re talking all about how to grow your email list - because the first step in using email to convert sales is to get them signed up in the first place!

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